Additional Options

Incorporate additional elements that will add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony at Holroyd Gardens.

please phone the Events team on 8757 9090 or Send email! for a pricing schedule or a personalized quote ~
Bookings for the Rotunda at Holroyd Gardens Park are managed by the Holroyd Centre located on Miller Street in Merrylands. 

List of Additional Options available:


The celebrant is one of the most important people that you will work closely with leading up to and on your wedding day. The right celebrant can put your mind at ease and ensure that all the administrative formalities are handled with a minimum of fuss.

The Holroyd Centre has a selection of both male and female celebrants that have the experience character and personality to ensure your married life gets off to its most loving and positive start.


These comfortable, modern and decorative chairs will be laid out as per your instructions and will be a nice touch for your guests. (Maximum of 50 chairs available for hire.) Please note that the Majestic Package already includes 30 Chairs.

Signature Table Skirted with vase, flowers and 2 chairs

Yes, the civil celebrant will provide a table to sign the appropriate documents. However, we know how important presentation is to your wedding day.  A beautiful white skirt will adorn your signature table. There will be a fresh arrangement of flowers plus two chairs with chair cover and sash.

Red Carpet

Complement your wedding ceremony by walking down the red carpet. The red carpet affect gives your wedding a luxurious and royal appeal.

White Silk Floral Bridal Canopy

A bridal canopy will add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony. In some cultures it is said to provide religious significance as it replaces the alter and for some it is a romantic place to hold the first kiss as husband and wife. The Canopy is only available with the Stylist Package.

The bridal canopy will be decorated with silk flowers and greenery.

Aisle Decorations

Hanging from the aisle chairs you have the option of white satin sashes tied as bows with silk flowers or alternatively hanging glass jars. Each option is only available as an addition to the Stylist Package.

Personalised Welcome Sign

This option is only available with the Stylist Package

Extra Rectangular Table, Linen and Skirt Hire

Please enquire directly with the Events Team at Holroyd Centre on 8757 9090.

Additional Hours

Please enquire directly with our Events Team at Holroyd Centre on 8757 9090, to discuss your requirements and for a quote.

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